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Let’s say you’re interested in joining a CrossFit class…but you don’t know what you’re getting into!

We offer a weeks free trial for you decide if CrossFit is for you. Participating in a workout along side our members will give you a taste of what CrossFit Ashburton is all about. The class will begin with a warm up and an explanation of the workout and exercises to be performed. Then our experienced coaches will assist guests and members to adapt the workout to each individual’s ability and experience. 


On Ramp

If you’re interested in joining the regular CrossFit workout, you’ll be required to go through the On ramp course. The purpose of these is to teach you the foundational movements of CrossFit and all about proper form.  No matter how experienced you are, these are valuable and worth the time.  Even if you think you have perfect form on your squats, deadlifts and/or overhead presses, it’s amazing what can be fixed when you have a trained set of eyes watching you do them.